Situations where You’ll Need Bail Bond Service in Keene, TX

If you call the Keene area of Texas home and have recently been arrested, your level of comfort will have a great deal to do with whether you been arrested before. If you’re like many, and you’re experiencing this for the first time, there are a number of different questions they may have and a few uncertainties about the entire process. One of those uncertainties is if you’ll need a Bail Bond Service Keene TX in order to be released from jail in a timely fashion. Here are a few things to remember.

If you have been arrested for a minor offense and you have little or no criminal record to speak of, you may not need a Bail Bond Service Keene TX. In these instances, you may only be required to produce a written promise to appear before court in order to be released after your arrest. Often times, the condition of release will have a dollar amount attached to it such as a bail amount. However, as stated before, if the offense is minor and if you have little or no criminal record, a written promise that you will appear before the courts at your appointed time will typically be enough assurance for the courts that you will be to court when required.

If the crime is more severe and if you have an extensive criminal record, you will need a bail bonds service. Basically, the bail bond service will pay the bail, when you or someone you know doesn’t have the financial wherewithal to come up with the required bail to have you released from jail. The bail bond service will charge you a fee for their services which typically is only about 10% of the stated bail. In essence, a bail bond service is accepting responsibility for you to ensure that you will appear before the courts at your appointed time.

If you’ve been arrested and you don’t have the money to make bail in order to get released from jail, you may want to contact Sitename. With local services in the Keene, Texas area, they can help you to make bail, allowing you to be released from jail so that you can work on a proper defense against crimes you have been charged with

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