Information on Facial Esthetics in Geneva IL

These days, dental offices are about much more than simply caring for the teeth and gums. Dental offices today now include cosmetic dental services, to improve the appearance of patient’s smiles and even restore them. Over the years, it has become obvious more needs to be done to help patients achieve a better smile. Though dentists were treating the teeth and gums and getting beautiful results, patients were still unhappy with the appearance of their smiles because of lines, wrinkles and even sun damage around the mouth. This is when the practice of Facial Esthetics Geneva IL became an integral part of cosmetic dental care and is now offered in many dental offices across the country.

What Is Facial Esthetics?

Facial esthetics involves the administration of different skin rejuvenating treatments. These treatments help to fill in fine lines and even deep wrinkles, giving an overall youthful appearance. When coupled with dental work, this can dramatically improve a person’s appearance, giving them greater self-esteem. One of the most popular facial esthetic treatments is Botox. This treatment is injected into the muscle tissue, where lines have developed. The treatment relaxes the facial muscles so the deep furrows are reduced and improved dramatically.

The most common area of concern with facial esthetics is the nose fold to lip line. Often called laugh lines, these are also known as the comma line. Many people are unhappy with these lines and the furrows that form around the mouth, especially with smokers. To combat these lines, both Botox and Juvaderm are used. Juvaderm helps to fill in the lines and wrinkles around the mouth, smoothing them and making for a better skin tone. This takes years off of your appearance and highlights the work you have had done on your smile.

If you are interested in having Facial Esthetics Geneva IL treatments, contact Business Name. They can help you with restoring your smile and improving your skin. They will assist you in obtaining that youthful and beautiful look you have always wanted, so no one will ever be able to guess your age. Contact them today and schedule your appointment.

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