Smiling Bigger and Brighter: Transforming Your Smile With Veneers

Feb 28, 20 Smiling Bigger and Brighter: Transforming Your Smile With Veneers

If your smile is not as white or bright as you would like it, you might want to change it for the better. There are a couple of ways you could do that, but one of the most popular ways is with veneers. Here is more about this simple procedure to make your smile bigger and brighter.

Application of Dental Veneers

As the name suggests, dental veneers are surface applications of thin porcelain pieces shaped like the front surfaces of teeth. Your Missouri dentist will apply dental veneers in Hattiesburg, MS, at his/her clinic. Each veneer is made and shaped to fit your natural teeth, but it will also completely hide your natural teeth from view. All anyone else sees is a perfectly white, flawless smile.

Permanence of Veneers

If you take very good care of your veneers, you will not have to revisit Midtown Dental Clinic for repair of your dental veneers in Hattiesburg, MS. Your dentist will provide you with care instructions after you have had your veneers applied. Following those rules keeps your veneers in their very best shape. It is important to continue proper dental hygiene, too, since your veneers are only applied to the front surfaces and your natural teeth should still be brushed, flossed and cleaned twice a year.

If you would like to know more about veneers, or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact Midtown Dental Clinic by calling their office, walking in or going to

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