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by | May 16, 2015 | Automobile

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Any motorized vehicle you own will require part repair or replacement at some point. When this happens, there are two significant cost factors: the price of the replacement components and the labor involved in fixing that component and/or removing and replacing it.

Actually, it matters little where you live, any motorized vehicle is only going to be as good as the sum of its component parts and it is rare to own a vehicle where you do not have to replace or repair some of these components from time to time. Each time that this happens; there are two significant cost factors. The price of any replacement components and the labor involved in both fixing the component and/or removing it from and then replacing it back in or on the vehicle.

If all you have to fix is a blown light bulb the total of these two costs can be quite reasonable and affordable. However, if your engine’s cylinder head gasket has blown; the replacement cost for the gasket may be considered cheap but the labor costs involved in fitting it could be quite exorbitant.

It Pays To Shop Around

As in most things, you do not have to simply accept what you are first told when it comes to anything relating to repairs for your car. Perhaps the main requirement for getting the best deal is to know something about what has to be done. Go to any repair shop and say – “My car’s broken down; what will it cost to repair it?” – will lay you wide open to any unscrupulous mechanic hoping to make an easy buck. If your knowledge of the internal workings of an automobile is zero, the best you can do is try really hard to find an honest repair shop.

Original Equipment Manufacture Or Aftermarket?

For labor rates and repair time estimates you are somewhat reliant on the shop’s honesty but, you need not get ripped off on the cost of the components themselves. New OEM components from the dealership of your car’s maker are likely to cost you the most – especially if you own an exotic import. However, very few car makers actually make all the components themselves. They out source them and the real manufacturers often offer the same components without the famous brand name. These are known as “aftermarket” supplies and these can be noticeably lower in price than the OEM counterpart.

Even Used Components

Many components are basically quite robust and only relatively minor things cause them to breakdown – the carbon brushes in an alternator for example. There is no engineering reason why such components cannot be taken out of older cars to be stripped down and refurbished to bring them back to as “good as new” condition.

When searching Chicago For Auto Parts; remember to take advantage of the above hints and save yourself some money. Enterprises like Aero Auto Parts have been offering the motorists of Chicagoland sensible alternatives for more than 50 years.

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