Splash Up The Fun Level with Water Park Equipment

Water parks are the up and coming family entertainment destinations. Located in municipal parks, hotels and resorts, water parks take the swimming pool to a new level of fun. At one time, hotels and resorts that had a pool were the main draw. Families played in the water, possibly went down a small slide, and the really great places had a diving board on the deep end. If you are a city planner, hotel owner or resort manager and want to step up the entertainment value aimed at families, adding water park equipment will give you the best return investment for your money.

There are single water features available for the limited budget. A colorful frog sits poolside, waiting for a child to come sliding out of its mouth and into the pool. Giant water umbrellas splash water from the outside edges and onto squealing children as they dart under the canopy. Standing alone, these features offer fun on a smaller scale. However, if you are looking for something impressive with a huge wow factor, going large is what you want. Combined with individual features, a family slide from 96″ to 144″ wide will have parents and children laughing together from top to bottom. There are tubes and tunnels 2 stories high with an open tube that twists and turns all the way to the pool. Laughter and screams of delight are sure to be heard. With several options available, you could have several slides assembled on one giant structure, enticing everyone to the top.

If you are a business owner or city planner and want to up the fun value of your Water Park Equipment, Arihant.com can assist with a variety of features available. They offer rubber flooring to make the poolside surface soft, skid proof and comfortable seating for observers. Your Water Park Equipment installation will be a huge success, making your water features a destination families will talk about. Smiles will be seen and laughter will be heard the moment you open the play area; your water park will make a huge splash!


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