Sure Signs You Need Manual Transmission Repair Services

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Automotive

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Finding a manual transmission in a vehicle, particularly a car, is becoming a harder and harder thing to do. In 2014 just less than 10% of all new vehicles built in the USA had a manual transmission. Even though these vehicles are considered less likely to need transmission repair, they still can have problems.

There are some typical transmission repair signs anyone driving a manual should know. While most manual transmissions are fairly good for transmission problems, early detection and regular service can help you to avoid large repair bills.

Difficulty Shifting into Gear

For many cars and trucks, the first sign of impending doom for the transmission is problems getting the vehicle to go into gear. This can be just a short hesitation when shifting initially, or it may just be between specific gears. It is often more pronounced going into first or into reverse, but this is not always the case.

If this isn’t checked, it will continue to become worse. In some cases, it may be impossible to get the vehicle into or out of gear, which means the vehicle is impossible to drive. By getting a transmission repair expert to look at the vehicle before this point will save you money on towing as well as repairs.


This type of problem will require transmission repair and is almost the opposite issues to problems getting the vehicle into gear. With freewheeling the vehicle pops out of gear, typically from a gear into neutral. Not only is this a problem for the transmission but it is a safety concern in any traffic or driving conditions.

Irregular Clutch

An early sign of the need for transmission repair is a change in the way the clutch reacts when you push down on it to change gears. A clutch that suddenly feels very hard and difficult to push may be a transmission or clutch assembly issues.

In some cases, the clutch may seem to become very soft, requiring little pressure to depress the clutch but then it may not seem to allow the vehicle to go into gear or change gears.

Other signs to watch for include whining or grinding noises when using the clutch or when shifting gears. A good rule to live by is to bring your vehicle in for transmission repair if you notice anything unusual or atypical about the clutch, the gears, of the performance of you manual transmission.

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