The Advantages of Choosing a Full Service Chimney Sweep Service in Nassau County

Many home buyers search for a house with a chimney, because the feature adds charm, value, and beauty. They also look forward to a crackling fire warming them on cold nights. However, chimneys need repair and upkeep in order to remain safe and beautiful. As a result, many residents depend on the services of a full service chimney sweep in Nassau County. These experts offer a range of important services that include:

1. BOILER CHIMNEY CLEANING:  Professionals, such as Ageless Chimney Inc., will brush down the length of the flue, from the roof to the boiler room, which is the base of the chimney. They use a vacuum to prevent dust or messy residue from accumulating on homes’ surfaces. This method allows them to remove build ups of soot/creosote and grime.

2. FIREPLACE CLEANING:  Professionals will use a Teflon or wire brush to clean a fireplace flue, and will use a high-powered vacuum to control soot and grime. Regular cleaning ellminates the creosote buildup that is responsible for more than 40,000 house fires each year.

3. MASONRY WORK:  When customers hire a full-service Chimney Sweep in Nassau County they also get masonry experts. The professionals at Ageless Chimney, Inc. can repair a single loose brick or design and build a complete fireplace for customers.  This includes stoops, brick work, brick veneer, as well as paver driveways and patios. The same experts can design and install concrete driveways.

4. REPAIRS/PROTECTION:  Professionals know that bricks may last for a century, but mortar joints can begin to fail after 25 years. As a result, they offer professional restoration services that bring chimneys back to their original beauty. They will also install liners, to protect brick and mortar, and vent the gases that travel through the chimney and flue. Technicians will install caps that keep pests and debris out of chimneys.

Professional chimney sweeps will safely and cleanly remove debris from chimneys, which prevents chimney fires. They also offer a wide range of masonry and brick installation and repair services. Professionals can add liners and caps to chimneys, to extend their lives and keep them safe.

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