How Professional Installation of an Edmonton Power Generator Can Benefit Businesses

All Canadian businesses have individual energy needs but not all of them are “on the grid.” Some are not connected to local energy sources, often because of their remote locations. These include businesses in the mining and farming industries, or businesses that need energy for field operations.

In order to solve this problem in Edmonton, Power Generator professionals such as RLN Energy Services assess the needs of each business and recommend custom solutions. These experts also offer advantages that include:

PROFESSIONAL SALES : Experienced professionals can create power systems tailored to every client. They work with an engineering partner to create complete power plant designs that include installation and final commissioning. Experts offer customers guidance in choosing equipment that includes diesel, HFO/LFO, natural gas, and turbine equipment. In addition, they will resell clients’ existing equipment, using their wide network of power generation customers and suppliers.

DESIGN AND AUTOMATION : Before a client purchases a Power Generator at RLN Energy Services, experts will map their clients’ energy needs and recommend the most cost effective power system for each worksite. They can also design a generator heat recovery system, perform a reliability analysis, and offer generator testing and repair. Professionals provide plant automation design services, field calibration services, fully functional checkout, equipment commissioning, and customer programming.

TRAINING : RLN experts offer businesses a full range of training options. These include customer education about safety and switching operations, power system equipment maintenance, power transformers, motor and generator testing, and more.

MAINTENANCE : Energy specialists offer a complete line of maintenance services that include operational management, plant maintenance methodology, plant routine work processing, shutdown and major maintenance planning, and predictive maintenance.

EQUIPMENT CHOICES : RLN’s highly skilled field technicians and managers can offer clients a variety of energy options. These include generators, engines, and power plants. Energy experts also supply ancillary products, such as automatic voltage regulators, Basler input transformers, heat recovery units, and enclosures.

Industries that cannot access conventional power supplies rely on energy specialists to provide the power-generating equipment they need.

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