The Benefits of an Initial Consultation with a Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT

by | Nov 7, 2014 | Lawyers

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The moments following a car accident can go by in a whirlwind. There are people asking questions, insurance companies that need to be contacted, and in some cases, a police report to be filled. In the midst of the chaos, many people overlook the fact that they need a Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT. Once the dust has settled, it is important to set up an initial consultation to learn more about a victim’s options.

Many lawyers offer an initial consultation at no cost to a potential client. It is important to understand whether or not there is a case before moving ahead. So from the very beginning, a victim is not going to be out any money to find out whether he or she has a case.

The consultation starts out with an overall analysis of the situation. There are times when a person may not have an incident worth pursuing. If that is the case, a Car Accident Lawyer in New London CT can tell the individual that it is not worth attempting to settle or take the case to court. At the very least, the consultation has provided a definitive answer on what happens next.

If there is a case, a car accident lawyer can use the initial consultation to instruct a person on what needs to be done. It usually starts with gathering up any paperwork surrounding the incident, including a police report, letters from the insurance company, and even medical bills. These items are used to begin to build a case.

Once representation has been retained, victims can cease discussions with the other people involved in the accident and their insurance companies. Instead, all communication is done through the lawyer, giving the victim a chance to avoid confrontation and frustration. For this reason alone, many people retain the services of a lawyer after an accident.

It is important to schedule an initial consultation as soon as possible. Evidence doesn’t last forever and the goal is to get accurate details about what happened, which person is at fault, and even how much damage has been inflicted. Contact Scott Camassar for more information on initial consultations after a car accident.

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