The Dangers of an Uninsured Tree Service Somerville

Trying to do your own tree trimming and service can be very dangerous and in some cases even fatal. Hiring a tree service company should be taken seriously, due to the dangers that an uninsured company can bring to your home. The following are some of the possible scenarios that can arise when hiring an uninsured tree service Somerville .

Your Property

If you hire a company that is uninsured or under insured, you are opening you and your family up to the possibility of losing everything you have worked so hard for. Many companies who specialize in tree service in Somerville, will tell you they have a liability insurance policy as a way to get your business.While they might in fact have an insurance policy, chances are that the policy that they have is probably not enough to cover the damages that could arise from their line of work. If your property is damages are done by an uninsured or under insured tree company, you will be held responsible for all costs. Medical bills and property damage can be a great expense on you and your family that could result in you losing everything that you have.

Workers Compensation

If you hire a company without adequate workers compensation insurance, you are running the risk of having to pay for medical bills that are a result of an accident on your property. Making sure that a prospective company has a current workers compensation policy will give you the peace of mind that if an accident occurs on your property, you will not be held financially responsible. If a worker is hurt and there is no policy, that worker could sue you for damages, which can cost you a significant amount of money.

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