The Importance Of Washer Disinfector Validation

In hospitals, laboratories, clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturers, dental offices or other specialized types of testing facilities, automated types of cleaning processes using enzymatic cleaners are common. This allows for the complete cleaning and sterilization of reusable equipment to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

These automated systems or washers are required to go through specific types of washer disinfector validation tests. These tests routinely demonstrate that the sterilization and disinfecting process in the washer are performing effectively and that the solutions used are correct for the given application and disinfecting needs.

This same washer disinfector validation test is also used in the ultrasonic cleaners that use sound waves to create the cleaning power to remove surface contaminants off of equipment quickly and effectively.

Easy Option

One very easy way to complete these mandatory validations is to use specially designed reagent strips. These strips will be added to the cleaning cycle and will then be retrieved and read at the end of the cycle. The reagent strip is housed in a small case, typically stainless steel or plastic, to protect the strip during the process.

These tests will measure and record several different aspects of the enzymatic cleaning process. This includes the actual enzyme activity, the concentration of the detergent as well as the temperature through the cycle and the wash action.

Pass or Fail

The technician simply retrieves the case from the washer to read the results of the washer disinfector validation test. This is done on a pass or fail by comparing a control color standard on the test strip with the indicator pad color.

These test strips can be kept in logs as required, showing the regular and the required validation process. With the low cost of these strips and the easy to read results, they are often used daily in facilities, providing additional validation as to the washer efficiency and safety.

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