The Pandora Store in White Plains, NY has a Great Selection

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Jewelry

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Jewelery is a very important fashion accessory. Women who want to add visual interest to their wardrobe often use jewelry to do this. Sophisticated women want to know that they are wearing name brand designer jewelry. They therefore shop at respected stores such as Michael Matthews Jewelers. It’s a Pandora Store in White Plains, NY that they can trust to have the best selection of these popular designer charms. Charm bracelets are now back in fashion and Pandora charms are often given as gifts as well as being bought for personal jewelry collections. Regardless of the event, such as graduation or a new baby, the perfect charm will be available.

Often a woman will make a charm bracelet her signature jewelry piece. She’ll have a variety of charms from the pandora store in White Plains NY that show her life to it’s best advantage. She’ll love pointing out the charms for her engagement, marriage, children and even a charm for St. Patrick’s Day. If the bracelet is damaged, she will want to have it fixed as fast as possible. The Michael Mathews staff jewelers will be able to quickly repair it. No one will ever look at it and guess that it was broken. They also clean jewelry. When a bracelet is worn every day, it can accumulate gardening grime to the glycerin soap that the gardener uses to wash her hands. In just a few minutes, the charms and bracelet will regain their polish and sparkle.

People can Visit website to see the full range of jewelry and watches that are offered. Jewelry for every occasion is available. Grandparents will find the perfect Sweet Sixteen necklace and husbands will find the perfect diamond anniversary necklace. The staff are also willing to replace watch batteries. If people find themselves short of cash, the store also buys back jewelry. Customers can expect the same great service when a jeweler appraises a gold watch to buy. They are known to pay fair prices. Because they often put the pieces they purchase into their showroom, they pay more than just scrap metal prices. Every transaction is handled discreetly, so people don’t know if someone is in the store to buy or sell jewelry.

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