The proper tools to clean your pool

Jun 30, 15 The proper tools to clean your pool

When you are the owner of a home with a swimming pool you are justifiably concerned with the health and cleanliness of the water as well as the pool structure. Swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville Beach area will help prevent unsightly and unhealthy algae bacterial growth as well as extend the life expectancy of your investment in backyard fun. There is no doubt that maintaining your pool does not have the same appeal to it as swimming in the pool does, having all the right tools for the job does make it somewhat more enjoyable and certainly faster and better.

Perhaps the key to a sparkling clean pool is the sweeper. Unless you are fortunate enough to have an indoor pool it is constantly subjected to Mother Nature’s wrath. Dirt, dead leaves, sticks, pollen invariably end up in the pool, all of which adds to the pollutants. A pool cleaner can quickly remove these items, helping to eliminate the buildup of grime on the floor and along the water line of the pool.

Although effective swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville Beach is easier with a fully automatic system. Manual cleaners do an effective job and they are certainly less costly. If you are considering an automatic pool cleaner you can opt for a suction-side cleaner, pressure-side cleaner or a robot.

The filters you employ are very important in keeping the pool clean. There are three types of filters in common use; sand, cartridge type and diatomaceous earth. They all perform the same function, as the pool pump circulates the water the filter removes matter before the water is sent back into the pool.

Swimming pool maintenance procedures have to contend with more than just organic material, swimmers leave behind traces of perspiration, suntan lotion and other bacteria. The most effective sanitizer is chlorine which can be added to the pool on demand. Many people have saltwater pools but rather than have to store and handle the chlorine the owner simply has to add a couple of bags of salt directly into the pool water. The salt is converted to chlorine, once it has sanitized the pool it reverts to salt.

No swimming pool maintenance in Jacksonville Beach is complete without test kits. Your pool may look great but unless the chemicals are balanced properly on a weekly basis the pool may not be healthy. Test strips are commonly used, they are effective, easy to use and inexpensive to buy.

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