Adding Style With Round Top Doors

It may seem to many people there are limited options when it comes to choosing a front entrance door. This is true if you only shop in local hardware and building supply stores or go to those big box chain hardware stores. However, if you go to a specialized door manufacturer, you will be surprised at the possibilities in traditional as well as round top doors.

While square top doors, which are rectangular in shape, are all you will find in most building supply retail outlets, specialty door manufacturers also have a wide selection of round top doors. These can include both single and double door models and styles with many different possible features and options.

Considerations for Round Top Doors

Round top or arched doors come in all standard door width sizes, and they can be a wonderful consideration for a home renovation. They are often taller than a traditional square door, particularly if a model is selected with a transom, the windows above the top of the door.

With a round door, this extra height makes even a single door look larger, adding to the overall visual impact of your entrance. The use of the transom and sidelights will enhance the curved lines and shape of the door, really bringing round top doors into the focus for the front of a home.
These doors are often used on older or historic homes. With their style and simple elegance, they were and still are a true sign of quality and craftsmanship for any type of home.

Styles to Consider

Doors from rustic to very modern in appearance can feature a round or arched top. The true round top doors have the half-circle type of shape at the top of the door for a single door, with an elongated arch on a double door to create a pleasing and balanced shape to the door.

Styles and designs can range from a very rustic looking door complete with a speakeasy, hand carving or very ornate , or a simple yet elegant glass design. They can also be designed as a door with a center panel or more of a Shaker or Mission style with more than one panel.

The true beauty of round top doors is their classic shape and design. You can also work with some companies offering these doors to develop your own custom design, providing you with an original, one of a kind door you will treasure for a lifetime of use.

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