The Ultimate Bath-Lift for Your Mobility Bathroom

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Health Care

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The Bathmaster Deltis is possibly the most innovative and affordable bath-lift available for consumers today. Looking for mobility bathrooms in Bideford? Then look no further than this truly incredible product. All your problems of getting in and out of the bath will be quickly resolved utilising this lift and you will gain the peace of mind you’ve long been seeking. It is constructed with high quality material and is extremely comfortable. In addition to this, the bath lift does not require any servicing at all. You may have thought that such a product comes with quite a high price tag, but this is far from the truth. The product itself retails at just £390 which for a long term investment is truly excellent value for money.

Extremely Lightweight

The Bathmaster Deltis is extremely easily assembled and requires little, if any technical know-how to do so. The heaviest part of the lift weighs a mere 6.8kg (15 pounds) and so transport, storage, installation and removal can be done in a breeze. Virtually all the product is constructed from plastic, giving it a modern look and making it extremely easy to clean. The plastic build also means that is far less susceptible to wear and tear than other materials.

Compact Frame

The bath-lift has an extremely compact frame and can therefore be used by virtually all bath tubs, while maintaining and stable and smooth ride. The side flaps also allow you to move in and out of the bathtub with ease. Additionally there is also the option to have a swivel seat fitted to make manoeuvring much easier.
The bath-lift itself is fully waterproof and possesses no built-in circuit board meaning the motor is protected from failure or damage.


The controller for the bath-lift is not only simple to use, it also floats on the water when you aren’t using it, meaning you don’t have to worry about it getting wet or losing it in the bathtub. Lithium ion batteries add to the battery’s performance and life, and the battery is also charged gently to preserve even further its durability.


The seat has a gentle contour and backrest that provide support and comfort whilst being lowered or reclined. In addition, the user can choose between an angle of 10 and 40 degrees for maximum comfort and positioning. provides quality mobility equipment & stairlifts installation services at affordable price in & around Bideford, UK. Visit them online.

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