Three Different Types of Industrial Pipes and Why You Might Need Them

Feb 23, 21 Three Different Types of Industrial Pipes and Why You Might Need Them

An industrial pipe is an umbrella term for many different types of infrastructure designed to carry liquids and gasses. There are many different kinds of pipes to fit the needs of various environments. While this list isn’t by any means comprehensive, you’ll have an idea of some of the different kinds of pipes, and why you might want each one.

Boiler Tube

This type of piping is designed for boilers and heat exchangers. Basically, this means they’re designed to withstand very high temperatures and pressures. What’s great about this option is the boiler tube typically comes in 20-foot pieces but can be cut to fit your exact measurements.

Cement Lined Pipe

Cement lines the inside of this pipe, used often for cooling water applications. This is a good option if you’re worried about internal corrosion. Cement can also be added to the outside of the pipe, making it a good fit if you need your piping to run underwater.

Painted and Coated Pipes

Just like the name suggests, these pipes come with a colored epoxy coating on the outside. This can be important for fuel pipelines, so it’s easy to identify which pipes carry which fluids. If your pipes are exposed, this can be a good option to help the pipes look visually appealing.

Although you may not be the person installing the industrial pipe, it’s good to have an idea of what you might need. You will seem knowledgeable and prepared when approaching a professional to help with installation.

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