Three Important Things To Consider When Shopping For Crib Furniture In Green Bay WI

Oct 31, 17 Three Important Things To Consider When Shopping For Crib Furniture In Green Bay WI

Decorating a nursery in preparation for a new bundle of joy can become overwhelming, as the vast array of products makes it complicated to determine which ones will provide the best combination of safety and functionality. New parents find the process incredibly daunting, but a little preparation and research can allow soon to be parents to buy the items they need with confidence. The following is a quick look at the most critical things to research when shopping for Crib Furniture in Green Bay WI.

Convertible Systems

A crib is a significant investment with even budget-friendly options costing hundreds of dollars. The price tag combined with the fact that a crib is only used for a few short years can leave many parents struggling to justify the expense. A convertible crib is designed to be used for several years and can be transformed into a toddler bed by removing a few basic parts and upgrading the existing mattress system.

Slat Spacing

One of the most overlooked aspects of buying Crib Furniture in Green Bay WI is the width of the slats on the crib itself. If the slats are too large, then it can allow a baby to stick their hand through and lead to injuries easily. Most manufacturers recommend a crib that has a slat radius of no more than 1 inch, as this will provide adequate air flow without blocking visibility or creating safety hazards.

Avoid Drop Side Models

At first glance, a drop side model crib seems exceptionally convenient, as it prevents a parent from having to lift a baby out of a crib. The convenience, however, comes at a high price as the latch system used to raise and lower beds of this design are prone to mechanical issues. Children have experienced severe pinches and other physical trauma as a result of drop-side cribs, which is why it is best to avoid them.

With a little research, it is possible to find a quality crib that doesn’t break the bank. The team at The Lullabye Shop offers a complete line of safe and affordable cribs that will compliment any style room perfectly. Visit us online to start shopping, and make the process of finding quality nursery furniture simple.

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