Who is Managing Your Social Media?

When someone asks you “who is managing your social media?” hopefully the answer is a professional social media agency in Fort Lauderdale! Social media management is something you should be taking very seriously when it comes to marketing your business.

New Word of Mouth Advertising

Historically word of mouth advertising has been one of the most valued tools in getting the word out about your business, today it still is, but the mechanism is different. Today, when people are searching for products or services they are doing it on the go. More and more consumers are turning to their mobile devices and digital information to learn about products and services. There are millions of social media users in the US alone and of those millions 65% report buying a product or services based on something that they have seen on Facebook! Consumers are using social media to share information about businesses, do research and make purchasing decisions. No one is picking up the phone and asking friends and family for recommendations they are turning to social media for that information.

Can You See the Importance of Professional Management?

You have business obligations that must have your focus, do you really have the time to self-manage your social media accounts? Having a professional social media agency in Fort Lauderdale manage your social media will:

  • Allow you to focus on your core business responsibilities
  • Save time and money
  • Help you avoid some of the social media faux pas that are common with self or employee managed accounts

Your focus should remain where it is needed most and where your expertise lies. Having a professional manage your social media accounts is affordable and time conserving for you. You can avoid the errors that occur when an employee is assigned to manage social media. The Be Square Website Design company is the firm that can easily manage your social media and promote your business. They are experienced and have the skill set to get results!

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