Tips for Choosing Top Rated Realtors in Seattle

Apr 19, 21 Tips for Choosing Top Rated Realtors in Seattle


Whether you are buying a new home for the first time or making the decision to sell your current home, you need to have professional representation. This is where having top rated realtors in Seattle help you comes into play.

It is important to realize that top realtors in Seattle can act as sellers’ agents as well as help home buyers find that perfect property. It is also essential to work with your realtor in all transactions and to avoid having direct discussions with the other party or their real estate agent.

Sometimes, people that aren’t familiar with real estate transactions end up making costly mistakes in these direct types of conversations. This isn’t because they don’t want to get the best price as either the buyer or seller, but because they may not realize all the options that are available.

Use a Realtor
Realtors in Seattle, as with realtors in any location, are bound by a professional association that requires their members to follow strict ethical and professional guidelines in all transactions. Other real estate professionals are not bound by those same guidelines.

That doesn’t mean that these individuals are less professional or less ethical, but it does provide you with assurance that you are working with a top professional.

Interview and Ask Questions
Once you have a list of realtors in Seattle, you can do some basic online work and learn about their experience, their history, and even read reviews from past clients.

Using this short list, set up appointments with the realtors in Seattle you are interested in working with. Bring a set of questions if you are meeting in their office, which is often the case if you are a buyer, or invite them to your home if you are selling.

Parsons Team Seattle provides as much information as they can about what you want in your transaction. If you are selling, pay close attention to the realtors in Seattle and what they recommend pricing your house at. As a buyer, you should listen to ideas that the realtor may have about homes on the market that are in your price range and in the neighborhoods you are interested in.

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