Tips on Caring for Fashion Scarves

When you purchase a fashion scarf, you want to make sure that you take good care of it so that it’ll last a long time. Some materials are more sensitive than others, and should be treated delicately when you care for them. If you don’t know how to properly wash the wholesale fashion scarves that you’ve purchased, here are a few tips on keeping them in the best condition possible.

Hand Wash

You can never go wrong with hand washing your wholesale fashion scarves. You can do this in the sink or in the bathtub, and you should avoid mixing whites with deep colored scarves. Never wash your white scarves with other accessories that have deep colors in them because you don’t want the dye to bleed into the white accessories. Hand washing is the best way to take care of these, especially if you’re not sure about putting them in the washing machine.

Hang Dry

After you finish washing your wholesale fashion scarves, you should hang them up to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Drying your scarves this way can help them to keep their original size, and avoid shrinking. You can drape them over a banister, or hang them on a clothesline. You may find that you like this method for other items as well, as it is a great way to preserve all types of fabrics.

Harsh Chemicals

You should also avoid harsh chemicals when washing your scarves. Use a light detergent, or you could even try detergent that’s primarily used on infants clothing. Unscented will be best, but if you must have a fragrance, make sure that it’s light and not too strong. Certain chemicals can harm the fibers of your scarves, and ruin them over time. There are organic cleaning products that you can buy that will keep your scarves in pristine condition.

Your wholesale fashion scarves can last much longer if you properly care for them. Wash them by hand, hang them to dry, and avoid using any harsh chemicals in the process. You can go online to find organic cleaners, and make sure that you read the labels to know exactly what’s in them. It may take a bit of extra work, but preserving your wholesale fashion scarves will be worth it, and you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

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