Top Three Tips for Choosing Affordable Off Campus Apartments

May 28, 21 Top Three Tips for Choosing Affordable Off Campus Apartments

Moving into your first apartment as a college student can involve making a lot of decisions you’ve never had to make previously. While the decisions can be difficult, these top three tips should help you decide which affordable off-campus apartments that LSU students can choose from are right for you. These tips will guide you through the considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing an affordable off-campus apartment.

Consider Your Roommates

Maybe you are planning on sharing a place with your best friend. Or maybe you are going to turn to social media to find a roommate. Both of these options can work out fine when looking at affordable off-campus apartments that LSU students can choose. But when picking a roommate consider the following:

  • Do your work schedules work well together?
  • Do all of the roommates have the same beliefs about entertaining?
  • Are there any health concerns you need to be worried about, for either yourself or your roommates?

What Is Your Budget?

You need to be honest about your budget considerations when you are planning your off-campus housing. Some common considerations include security deposits, pet fees, and whether or not the apartment will require you to pay for your utilities.

What Do You Need Your Location to Be?

When you are thinking about your location, take into account how far you are willing to be from your actual campus. But also take into consideration how close you want to be to entertainment and shopping. Do you have your own car? Is public transportation available? Also, consider how far away your job will be when choosing your off-campus apartment.

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