Tree Pruning in St. Augustine, FL Keeps Trees Looking their Best

Jul 10, 18 Tree Pruning in St. Augustine, FL Keeps Trees Looking their Best

There is a difference between cutting a tree of growth and pruning it. Pruning uses a special technique to enhance the health of bushes and trees. Tree trimmers follow regular schedules to ensure that trees are pruned and shaped to the best advantage.

An Art and a Science

That is why tree pruning in St. Augustine, FL is considered both an art and science. You simply cannot remove shoots or limbs and say that you are pruning a tree. Pruning is a science that pays careful attention to a tree’s growth and health. That is why this type of tree service should be performed by professionals.

Indeed, tree pruning can save a tree, as diseased limbs can be removed from a plant before it becomes infected or sick. Likewise, broken or dead branches can be cut away before insects infest a tree. Pruning is also used to avoid certain dangers. For example, it is always wise to trim away branches near power lines – leaving this type of work to tree trimming professionals. Dangling and precipitous branches should be removed as well as any part of a tree that could disrupt the use of lawn mower or car. Branches should also be removed if they strike a home’s roof on windy days.

When Trees Should Be Pruned

When you decide to have tree pruning done is also important. For instance, trees that first leaf out in the spring should not be pruned, as doing so, at least at this point, is considered too early. Pruning-when done for form or structure-is better to do in the fall, or after the leaves have fallen. Any dead wood should be eliminated in the summer. If you live in an area where beetles attack oaks, you should wait to have the activity done until the later part of spring.

Do you need to clear away a yard of shrubbery? If so, you should have pruning done when the limbs are sagging low. Visit to learn more about the benefits of pruning in your particular location. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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