Troubleshooting Gutters Before Calling A Gutter Service in Bothell Wa

Apr 15, 19 Troubleshooting Gutters Before Calling A Gutter Service in Bothell Wa

Gutters are a necessary component of any home but they are also a pain to deal with. So many things can go wrong with them. Here are some troubleshooting tips to follow before calling the professionals for Gutter Service in Bothell Wa.

Looking For Clogs

One of the first things to do when troubleshooting gutters are to look for anything clogging them. This could range from dead leave to pine cones to just plain old grime and dirt. Make sure anything blocking the gutters is cleaned out. It doesn’t hurt to shoot a hose down the gutter so the force of the water helps to clear out any gunk.

Pitch Perfect

Check the pitch of the gutter system. If it is not at the right angle, it will cause problems and need to be corrected. The main cause of a gutter with a bad pitch is loose hangers. Typically, these hangers can be bent back into the proper shape by hand while standing on a ladder. However, if the homeowner is not comfortable with this, they can certainly call a professional company for Gutter Service in Bothell Wa.

Size Does Matter

Sometimes, the problem with the gutter and its drainage problems can be due to the downspout being too small in circumference. When the size is incorrect, the gutter may not be able to drain the water as quickly as it should and the result is water overflowing into the surrounding ground and causing flooding problems. This can eventually lead to serious consequences.


The typical gutter system will come in sections. It is possible for leaks to occur if one of these sections is no longer fitting properly. An ill-fit can come with age, incorrect installation or extreme weather conditions. When problems like this occur, make sure the sections are caulked together with fresh caulk. This will usually solve the problem.

If the gutter in the home is experiencing problems, the homeowner should call in the professionals from an experienced and reputable gutter repair company. They will be able to quickly and safely correct the problem and their work will be guaranteed.

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