Were You Burned Because of Someone Else’s Actions? Consult a Burn Injury Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD

Apr 15, 19 Were You Burned Because of Someone Else’s Actions? Consult a Burn Injury Law Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD

According to information from the US Fire Administration, more than two million burn injuries happen in this country every year. Of that number, approximately 9000 are fatal. Burn injuries happen at home, on the job, or during leisure time, and they vary widely in terms of severity. Here, victims and their families will learn more about filing a claim with the help of a burn injury law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn usually results from a fire, a household mishap, or an auto accident. These burns are caused when the skin comes into contact with hot water, steam, flame, or a heated object. Exposure to such a heat source may cause scarring and blistering, lung injuries, and other harm.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns result from a strong base or acid touching the skin. Common acids and bases include ammonia, bleach, and other widely-available chemicals. The severity of an injury depends on how long the substance was on the skin and which body part was affected.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are most common in the workplace, occurring in restaurants, on construction sites, and in many other places. They typically occur when electrical current comes into contact with a person’s body. The extent of an injury depends on the voltage, the type of current, and its path through the victim’s body.

Radiation Burns

Prolonged radiation exposure causes serious damage, with sunburn being the most common type. Alternatively, radiation therapy and x-rays may also cause injuries, in which case a patient and their burn injury law attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD may be able to file a medical malpractice claim.

Can a Victim Sue for Their Burn Injuries?

Anyone who suffers a burn injury because of someone else’s intentional or negligent actions is eligible to file a burn injury claim. However, while a victim can get damages for their pain, suffering, and medical bills, they should consider several things when deciding whether to sue. The lawsuit must be filed within the state’s statute of limitations, and the person must ensure that they have a case. Browse our website for more information or call today to request a no-obligation consultation with a burn injury attorney.

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