Types of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods in Henderson, NV

Dec 13, 19 Types of Kitchen Ventilation Hoods in Henderson, NV

Kitchen vent hoods are an important part of every kitchen setup. A kitchen vent hood is a device that’s usually placed above the stove or range in a kitchen. It has a mechanical fan that remove elements from the air like smoke, grease, and heat. When purchasing a hood, you either end up with a ducted hood or a recirculating range hood.

A ducted range hood is one that connects to the outside, releasing all of the exhaust and grease out into the open air. A ductless or recirculating range hood simply pushes through a filter before releasing it back into the kitchen. Listed below are some common range hood options for people looking for companies assist scary that provide Kitchen Ventilation Hood Installation Henderson NV.

Under-Cabinet Range Hood

This type of hood is mounted directly underneath an over-the-range cabinet, and it blends into the look and feel of the rest of the cabinetry surrounding the cooktop.

Wall-Mount Range Hood

These types of hoods are secured onto the wall above the range, and they don’t need any type of cabinetry in order to be installed. In terms of height, they’re usually placed higher above the range then a cabinet-mounted hood would be.

Ceiling-Mounted Range Hood

You’ll mostly find ceiling-mounted range hoods mounted above island cooktops or peninsulas. They’re attached to the kitchen via a ceiling mount. Most ceiling-mount range hoods are vented to the outside.

If you’re looking for kitchen ventilation hood installation Henderson NV, we can help. Visit us online through our website, or give us a call to discuss your kitchen vent hood plans. When you visit us, we can discuss options that will work for your space.

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