Wearing a Diamond Pendant Necklace The Right Way

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Business, Shopping

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Pendants are a bold and sassy accessory that most women would love to try. The problem is that most ladies don’t know how to wear them or worry that they’ll look wrong because they paired it improperly. The best thing about a diamond pendant necklace is that you can rarely go wrong, and it will add a lot of pop and pizzazz to any outfit.


Everyone has heard that you shouldn’t wear necklaces that go past the neckline of the outfit. If you’re wearing a V-neck shirt or dress, the piece, including the trinket, shouldn’t go past the dress fabric. That makes it difficult to wear T-shirts and necklaces since most T-shirts hit right at the bottom of the neck and chokers rarely look good with T-shirts. However, pendants can be worn with any neckline and are meant to be showcased against the shirt or dress you’re wearing.

Clothing Options

The options are limitless when pairing pendants and clothes together. If you want a more casual style, consider a fitted tee and tailored jacket with your necklaces and a hip pair of jeans. If you’re going out on the town, consider an eye-catching one with a simple black dress to wow the crowd.


Most women shy away from wearing multiple necklaces at once, thinking it will be too “busy” for the outfit or their style. While not every woman wants super-glam all the time, there are times when layering can be an eye-catching and popular choice. For example, if you’re wearing the LBD (Little Black Dress) and want to add some color, consider a diamond pendant necklace layered with multicolored stone pendants of varying lengths. You’ll add a bit of a color to a plain outfit and can brighten up your facial area, as well.

The Statement

The point of pendants is to make a statement, so it may be better to ignore other jewelry, such as other necklaces, flashy earrings, and bangles. However, simple pieces, such as wedding jewelry or stud earrings can polish and complete the look without adding too much. If your pendants are flashy, you may also want to consider wearing a solid color to make the statement even bolder.

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