What Are Your Views On Body Piercing Jewelry?

by | Dec 22, 2015 | Shopping

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Apart from the jewelry worn by some who are out to shock society with the message given out by various accouterments hung through holes pieced in various parts of their anatomy; most of us probably view body piercing for jewelry as a personal life style decision. Something people do to become fashionable; or look trendy; or simply for the fun of it – at the very least, undergoing body piercing for jewelry is making a statement of some sort.

Do Not Do It Yourself

It can be done; but, health and safety concerns should stop people from taking up DIY body piercing in the same way that we would not dream of performing surgery on our own bodies (other than extreme emergencies and, maybe, not even then). Avoiding DIY body piercing is not about avoiding pain; it is all about avoiding possible infection as a result.

The actual piercing of any part of one’s anatomy should only be carried out under sanitary conditions and it should be undertaken by someone who knows what they are doing and, obviously, uses only fully sterile needles. One place where you might find this is at a recognized tattoo parlor. Traditional jewelry shops do often carry out ear piercing but few of them have extended this service to cover the whole of a customer’s body.

Only Buy Correct Materials

With traditional non-invasive jewelry, the effects of a reaction between the jewelry and the wearer’s skin are rarely going to be serious; but, if the material inserted through your flesh causes a reaction; then, it could soon become a serious problem. For example, silver jewelry is not made from 100% pure silver and the metals alloyed to the silver (such as nickel) can cause flesh irritation and even an allergic reaction when inserted through a body part. Some plastics are OK; but, gold, titanium or surgical stainless steel are the main materials used for the production of the insertable part of most body piercing jewelry. Generally speaking; there are less problems associated with choices for the decorative portion that is to be held in place on the body by the insertable pin.

Should body piercing jewelry appeal to you, make sure that you find the right piercer and then you will be ready to go online to specialists like www.BodyJewelry.com and browse their vast collection of custom designed pieces. Prices are often very reasonable and payment and delivery are both secure.

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