What does a Chicago Optometrist do?

Nov 27, 18 What does a Chicago Optometrist do?

For all of us, our eyes are an essential part of our lives. Not being able to see clearly will make life extremely difficult. There are many people who are near- sighted, which means you can’t see things for away. Many others are far-sighted, meaning they are unable to see things close up. Some people are unable to see up close and far away and need bi-focals. All of these people at some time will visit a Chicago Optometrist to help correct their vision.

An Optometrist is an eye doctor that treats a variety of eye problems. A Chicago Optometrist will provide a number of treatments for the millions of people who need their vision corrected. Those who suffer from various eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts will visit an optometrist to help correct their vision. However, oftentimes, these people will need to also visit a more specialized doctor called an Ophthalmologist to have surgery for these more serious eye conditions.

An optometrist will perform various eye exams to determine the nature and extent of an eye condition and the type of treatment necessary. The patient will undergo a few normal tests each time they visit the optometrist. Once the tests have been performed, the patient will be shown a chart to read symbols, letters, and numbers to check the distance of their eyesight. Once all these tests have been performed, the optometrist will make a decision as to the type of correction the patient will need based on the results of all the tests.

He or she will discuss with the patient the various options to correct the eyesight. The patient can choose from eyeglasses or contacts or both. Many people wear contacts which are soft thin layers of lenses placed in the eye and worn for a specific amount of time. Others choose to wear eyeglasses, which is the most popular type of lenses worn. Many people wear both contacts and eyeglasses. The optometrist will discuss the pros and cons of both and discuss all your options.

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body, without them life is a blur, so make sure you choose an optometrist.

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