What Happens During a DUI test?

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Lawyers

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So, it’s a Saturday night, perhaps even a Saturday night during the Christmas period and the office party in Newport Beach just finished. Your car is down in the parking lot and you are aware that you had a couple of stiff drinks, but you feel ok to drive. Truth is, you probably are not ok to drive an if you get behind the wheel you could be seriously impaired but you will think you are fine and you will get into the car, start the engine, shake your head a little to clear it and then reverse out of the space to drive home. On the way home you see a car behind you and suddenly the lights go on and you realize it’s a police car, oops…

You pull over and you stay in the vehicle and wait for the police officer to approach. He stands at the side window and asks you for your license and registration, to which you respond and hand him your license and details with slightly fumbling fingers. He thanks you and looks at your driver’s license and then asks you to step out of the car. You open the door with a hard swallow and a nervous gaze into the street and stand next to the car. The police officer asks you if you have had a drink this evening and you reply yes a couple at the office Christmas party. He asks what you drank and you tell him a couple of beers, at which he steps away from you a little. He tells you he is going to administer a field sobriety test to ascertain how competent you are to continue your journey.

The Test First, you will be asked to pigeon step a few feet, counting your steps as you place one foot at the tip of the other foot and walk. Your arms should be out to each side to balance yourself and you should be able to walk straight and count as you go. However, because you had a couple of beers you are a little stumbly and the officer is not happy. He makes you blow into the Breathalyzer and it’s right on the button. He then tells you that he is going to have to arrest you on a DUI in Newport Beach and you are taken to the police station for booking.

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