What To Bring For A Machu Picchu Trek

If you plan to take that trip of a lifetime – one on so many people’s bucket lists, be prepared. While much depends upon the actual trail you follow, you will still need certain necessities. This is true no matter what Machu Picchu trek you decide on. Of course, this refers to actual trekking and not simply taking the train or a bus to.

The Basics

While it is true trekking companies provide complete tour packages, you do need to purchase and bring certain items. The bare minimum you need to have to make the trip safely and comfortably consist of the following:

Comfortable hiking boots/shoes: The stress here is on comfortable. Ill-fitting boots are going to make your hiking experience miserable. Never buy new boots before a hike. Remember, while runners may be comfortable, they will not provide the ankle support you will need. In addition, they are not waterproof and, therefore, ineffective at protecting your feet if you need to cross streams.

Clothes: Temperatures vary in the region according to the season and the trail. Plan on layering. Include light t-shirts, fleece tops for insulation against the wind and a waterproof jacket. Shorts and lightweight jeans are best. Make sure they are durable and flexible.

Backpack: Most trekking companies require you carry personal items in a backpack. Purchase one that is lightweight, waterproof and tough. It should have padded shoulders, a hip belt, and a waterproof inner liner

These three basic items are an essential component for most who embark on a Machu Picchu trek.

Making the Most of a Machu Picchu Trek

If you plan on a trek to Machu Picchu, do come prepared. While trek companies do provide tents, sleeping bags, cooking items, including stoves and crockery, you will need to bring certain items. Having the right shoes, clothes and backpack will go a long way to ensuring this Machu Picchu trek is memorable for all the right reasons.

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