What to Do When Your Mac Displays a Blue/Gray Screen on Startup

You turn on your Mac and are met with a blue or gray screen with the Apple logo. This is obviously frustrating and there are several reasons this can be happening. However, there are a couple of ways to troubleshoot this issue to figure out what’s wrong.

Disconnect All Peripherals

One of the leading reasons for this blue/gray screen is because of something external plugged into the computer. It could be an external hard drive, a printer, or something to that effect. Remove everything connected to the computer except for the keyboard and the mouse and restart the computer. If your Mac starts up this time, you know it was something connected to a peripheral port. Now comes the fun part. Connect them back again one piece at a time and restart each time to see if the computer gets stuck on the blue or gray screen again at startup. If you determine that one of them is the source of the issue, check the manufacturer’s website to see if anyone else is also experiencing this issue. It might be as easy as updating a driver or firmware for the device that will fix the problem. Though, if this does not remedy the issue you may need to dig a little deeper.

When All Else Fails, Reboot

Restarting your Mac in Safe Mode will use the minimum amount of drivers to get it up and running, as well as checking the hard drive in the process. You do this by pressing the Shift key on startup until the Apple logo disappears. If your Mac starts up this time, go ahead and restart it one more time normally. Yes, it’s a strange thing to do, but sometimes it’s enough to rectify the matter. Otherwise, you will need to take a closer look at the hard drive.

Run Disk Utility

Boot up the Mac while pressing Command+R to start up in diagnostics mode. Click on the Disk Utility option, select your hard drive, and click “Verify.” The Disk Utility will run and if a problem is found, click on the pop up that shows “Repair Disk.” If nothing appears, click on “Repair Permissions” and the Disk Utility will scan your hard drive again. If problems are detected and repaired, reboot the computer one more time. If this issue is not resolved by completing these steps, find Mac support in Toronto for assistance.

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