What to Expect from a Hotel Contractor Allentown

by | Oct 29, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

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Understanding what to expect from a hotel contractor Allentown will help you pick the best contractor. It will also help you supervise your contractor.

You expect a hotel contractor to do renovations. A good company will do to you and offer a free estimate. The contractor will do such renovations as remove your existing flooring and replace it with better flooring.

You expect the contractor to build your hotel from scratch. The contractor who does this needs the capacity to do the job, which includes a team with the necessary training and experience, the right equipment and tools, and the right connections with suppliers.

A good hotel contractor Allentown will do service contracting. This is important because it means you do not have to hire another person for jobs related to what is detailed in the contract. It also ensures that the contractor will not bring in sub-contractors. Sub-contracting has its evils, like insurance problems. You expect a good contractor to do such service contracting jobs as painting, furniture assembly & removal, general maintenance, concrete & asphalt repairs, site utility repairs, and drywall repairs.

The contractor should offer 24/7 emergency response service on maintenance and utility repairs. Emergency service is important because it prevents the exacerbation of the problem. It also ensures that you are not vulnerable (reduces the risk of attacks from thieves and other intruders).

If you have an emergency in the middle of the night – call H & H Construction Services for our 24 / 7 emergency response service. This includes underground utility repairs and maintenance.

You expect your hotel contractor to offer construction management services. Having a professional oversee your construction projects is important because it means you get to concentrate on running your business. Construction management services include design, development, preliminary budgeting, and construction administration.

You expect your contractor to have deadlines. A good contractor will have a contract that will detail the timelines, the obligations of both parties, and other rules of engagement. You should go through the contract carefully before signing, paying particular attention to the fine print.

Another expectation from a good contractor is a strong online presence. This is important because you will then be able to enlist the services of the hotel contractor from the convenience of your home or office, whenever you want. You will also save money with this. Going online allows you to read up on the different jobs at your own pace, meaning you are more likely to make an informed decision.

You expect the hotel contractor Allentown to carry insurance. Workman’s compensation insurance is important because it ensures that you will not be held liable should anything happen to a worker while working on your premises. Professional indemnity insurance ensures that you are covered from the actions of the contractor. You expect the contractor to be bonded and to be licensed by the relevant local, state, and national regulatory body. A good contractor will be a member of the relevant professional body and will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)-compliant.

There is a minimum level of service that you should expect from your hotel contractor in Allentown. Knowing what to expect will help you in your choice.

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