What to Know About Contract Electronic Manufacturing in Oregon

Oct 27, 21 What to Know About Contract Electronic Manufacturing in Oregon

The term electronic contract manufacturing (ECM) refers to a range of services in the industry. These include everything from engineering design to PCB fabrication, subassembly production, turnkey or box assembly, functional testing, distribution, and order fulfilment on behalf of OEMs.

Companies may use electronic contract manufacturing as a supplement to or as a replacement for their own manufacturing operations.

What Is Contract Electronic Manufacturing?

Companies that work with contract electronic manufacturing in Oregon produce electronic products for other companies. Manufacturers of contract electronics typically manufacture whole or partially for OEMs in sectors such as communication, transportation, medicine, defense, oil and gas, and the computer industry.

Electronic manufacturing services, on the other hand, refers to a broader industry that offers manufacturing services, engineering services with value-added features, and outsourcing services to OEMs, allowing them to focus on core activities.

Services Offered by Contract Electronic Manufacturing in Oregon

Manufacturers of high volume products, such as cell phones, telecommunications hardware, computers, automobiles, and other electronic products can look for such manufacturing facilities.

With regards to cost-effectiveness, instrumentation product manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, LED lighting manufacturers, and fiber optic component manufacturers are increasingly finding this option beneficial.

You can work with contract electronic manufacturing in Oregon for specific tasks, including product designing, prototyping, high volume manufacturing, global logistics and distribution, electronics supply chain management, and even repair work.

It is also a good idea to outsource your long-established longstanding products to an electronic contract manufacturer. This way, you can focus on internal operations for newer complex products with higher margins.

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