When To Choose Induction Hardening Processes

Not all types of metal parts and components need to have a protective, hard, external case. Case hardening processes add costs to the production of parts and components, and if they are not necessary, these added processes are ineffective and costly.

On the other hand, case hardening is essential in many types of components, mainly where direct metal on metal contact is a concern. A prime example of this is in gears, but it is also important in any part where a significant load is a factor to consider. By using hardening, the risk of failure or fatigue in these types of parts is significantly reduced, extending the life of the system or the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Induction hardening is slightly different from case hardening, and it is equally used throughout many industries. Case hardening is cost effective and a good choice when the entire surface of the par t or component has to be hardened, which induction is a better option when only specific parts of the component have to be hardened.

Specific Hardening

With the choice of induction hardening, only specific surfaces, such as gear teeth or the metal to metal surfaces of the part are hardened. This process can be completed on a large-scale with a production line, but this all depends on the equipment and the expertise of the service provider.
The use of the process allows for the specific application of the desired heat to the exact parts of the workpiece. The exact temperature is reached quickly as the limited surface of the part is easier to heat to the desired temperature than the overall part surface.

The specifics of the process, including the heating temperature, the power required and the complex shape of the part can all be taken into consideration for a highly effective process. This often makes induction hardening the best option for complex parts or for parts where the specific depth of hardening is an important factor to consider.

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