When Would You Need A Disability Lawyer?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Attorneys

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Social Security in the US dates back to 1935 when it was signed into law by President Roosevelt. Since the law went into effect, Social Security has been providing monthly cash benefits for those who have reached their “golden years” and retired and those that unfortunately suffer from a physical or mental disability.

Rarely does an applicant have any trouble when they are making application for retirement benefits, all the information is available and the benefit package is quick and easy to determine, this however cannot be said when the person is applying for disability benefits, it is here when the professional skills of an Aurora disability lawyer are often make the difference between success and failure. Many applicants for disability insurance rely on a lawyer from the beginning of the process but in most cases the lawyer is called for when the initial application is denied.

An applicant for disability benefits must prove to the satisfaction of the Social Security Administration that they are disabled to the point where they can no longer work. When an application for benefits is made the SSA go through a complex and detailed analysis of the documentation in an effort to reach a decision, this involves a review of the work history of the applicant along with all supporting medical documents. Because an Aurora disability lawyer focuses on providing legal assistance he or she is well aware of what proof the SSA is looking for and they can provide the clients advice on the best way to present their claim so they stand the best chance of being awarded benefits.

Most applicants fall back on a lawyer when they find out that their application for benefits has been rejected and they are faced with the complex and often confusing appeals process. The lawyer will petition the SSA, asking that the application be reconsidered, should that fail and it often does then the lawyer will request that the application be reviewed by an administrative law judge. When the lawyer and client are in the presence of the judge they are in a position to not only question the adverse decision but to supply additional supporting details. The lawyer may also call in an occupational expert to testify to the client’s current condition and how this condition prevents the applicant from working. Should this review fail the Aurora disability lawyer can elevate the appeal to the next level which is a review by the appeals council.

If you are experiencing difficulty in getting your claim for disability benefits approved you are not alone. You are well advised to contact an Aurora disability lawyer for assistance. Check out our website for more details.

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