Why a Hydraulic Boat Trailer is the Best Option for Today’s Busy Boatyard

Dec 04, 18 Why a Hydraulic Boat Trailer is the Best Option for Today’s Busy Boatyard

If your current boat transporting and blocking method is cramping your productivity and finances, consider the many advantages of the hydraulic boat trailer. An experienced manufacturer can match you with a trailer that will meet 95% to 100% of your standards. Whether you build, restore, or haul boats, or operate a boatyard or marina, you need a product that reduces unnecessary labor and handling costs. With a hydraulic trailer, you’ll likely find boat loading, transporting, and storing appreciably less difficult and expensive.

Can You Benefit?
To determine whether or not a hydraulic trailer is the best choice for a client, qualified manufacturers typically consider several important points. Boat type is usually a primary concern, as hydraulic trailers are mostly suited for powerboats, sailboats, and catamarans. Additionally, the size, weight, and/or deepest draft of a boat are needed to pair clients with the ideal trailer for their operation. Other important points include:

 * Ramp or travelift usage
 * Current boat transportation & blocking system
 * Type of available boat storage (on asphalt or gravel, indoor, close-knit area, etc.)

Easy to Use & Saves Time
In contrast to other boat transporting and blocking solutions, such as roller trailers and floor jacks, a hydraulic boat trailer offers unparalleled ease of use. The open-center design of hydraulic trailers, allows users to properly blocka boat on boat stands. Accordingly, hydraulic trailers are perfect for one-man operations, and remove the hassles and costs associated with less efficient launching, loading, transporting, and blocking procedures. With simplistic controls, extendable hydraulic arms, adjustable keel-supporting cross beams, and other innovative components, hydraulic trailers can streamline any operation.

Increased Storage Space & Revenue
For boatyards and marinas, the hydraulic boat trailer offer increased storage and profit. For example, a boatyard can gain 30% more storage space by combining a hydraulic trailer with a travelift. The smoothness and adaptability of a hydraulic trailer allows boats to be stored gunnel-to-gunnel. This gives companies the freedom to maximize their space – leading to greater revenue. Also, companies that utilize roller trailers and floor jacks can stand to gain much by swapping out for hydraulic trailers. Safer and easier to operate, hydraulic trailers allow companies to move and block more boats quickly and profitably.

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