Why Colorado Therapeutic Boarding Schools May Not Help Your Teen

Jul 19, 19 Why Colorado Therapeutic Boarding Schools May Not Help Your Teen

The push to enroll troubled teens in Colorado therapeutic boarding schools is one geared toward capturing the attention of the parent worried about the educational future of their child. It’s possible that this type of program will not prove helpful to bringing the intense therapy needed to break the chain of addiction.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools Take the Emphasis Off Therapy

Some parents want to make sure that their teens never fall behind in school, even when dealing with drug use or addiction issues. The choice to go with a boarding school setting may seem preferable to residential treatment, although residential treatment offers a shorter, more intense therapy. It’s not that difficult for a focused teen to catch up any small amounts of work they have fallen behind in while receiving more comprehensive help for the drug problem.

Residential Treatment Centers Focus on Defeating the Addiction

Residential treatment centers are designed to include some level of education, but the major focus is on helping the teen move towards drug use and addiction recovery. All things positive are possible for their future when this problem is dealt with head-on and effectively.

Your Teen May Never Have to Realistically Face the Drug Use Problems in a Therapeutic School Setting

Maintaining importance in school attendance, grades, and moving forward in school during a time your teen is struggling with drug use might not be the best way to use valuable treatment resources. Colorado therapeutic boarding schools will move away from the intensive therapy offered at residential treatment centers. It could be few and far between when the opportunities are offered to face up to drug use problems, if ever.

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