Why Heating Oil is a Great Option for Your Home in Groton

Nov 21, 19 Why Heating Oil is a Great Option for Your Home in Groton

Heating oil is one of the cheapest and best options available if you are looking for a safe, clean burning option that will heat your whole home in a matter of minutes. It is not highly flammable, and there is hardly any risk at all for carbon monoxide leaks. More homeowners are choosing it all of the time, and for good reason. It is easily obtainable, affordable, and it offers intense heat that will keep you toasty warm even when the snow is blowing hard and the temperature outside is at its lowest.

Clean Burning Heat with Little Risk

Since heating oil burns at a cleaner level than other options, it will also release less emissions, and there is not nearly as great a risk that it will contaminate soil and water as there are with other types. Although heating oil has been used to heat homes for over a hundred years, many people have common misconceptions about it because they have never used it. The fact of the matter is that back in the early days of its use heating oil negatively impacted the environment, but as time went on and technology changed so did the systems that operated with this type of fuel. Today it burns nearly 90% more efficient than it did in the 1970s. It is biodegradable as well and almost totally soot-free, so it is a green option for homeowners that want to lessen their carbon footprints. Check heating oil prices in Groton, CT, today.

Lot Prices Make It All the Better

For those who are conscious about the environment and their budgets, heating oil can provide the clean, low-cost option they are looking for. To learn more, contact us at Andersen Oil Company to talk to an expert.

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