Why It Is Important To Have A Will

May 07, 19 Why It Is Important To Have A Will

It is important for you to have a will. A will determines how your property and belongings will be distributed after you pass away. It can also name guardians for your children. If you need help putting together a will, then an elder law St Petersburg St Petersburg FL attorney can help you. There are several reasons that you should have a will.

Prevent Interstate Intercession

If you do not have a will when you die, then interstate succession laws will determine who gets what. Your spouse, children or parents will likely be the ones who will get your belongings. Many people would like to have their property distributed differently. For example, they may want to leave gifts to their friends. They may also want to leave something to a charitable organization.

Unfortunately, the state does not allow that. If you want your wishes to be carried out after you die, then you will need to have a will.

Name a Guardian

If you have children, then you definitely want to have a will. You will be able to name a guardian in the will. If you do not have a will, then the state will be the one who decides who will care for your children. You can also name a caregiver for your pet in your will.

Reduce Family Conflict

People often fight about who is going to get their loved one’s belongings. This can tear apart a family. Dividing assets is more complicated now than it has ever been because of divorce and blended families. You will be able to reduce family conflict if you have a will.

It is important to note that there are legal requirements that your will must meet. You will need to contact or visit the website if you need an Elder Law St Petersburg St Petersburg FL attorney.

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