Why You Should Choose a Full Service Contractor to Install a Concrete Driveway in Smyrna TN

by | Mar 6, 2014 | Furniture

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Whether you are installing a driveway in your older home or adding one to new construction, it is smart to hire full-service concrete experts, such as Affordable Driveways & Patios. In addition to being able to provide a quality Concrete Driveway Smyrna TN professionals can offer services that include:

* REPAIR: When you need to fix a broken Concrete Driveway Smyrna TN experts at Affordable Driveways & Patios will repair cracks and other problems. They tear out broken areas, add a compacted gravel base, and add reinforcement. Technicians pour and finish surfaces, and restore them to a like-new appearance.

* REPLACEMENTS: Professionals will replace an asphalt or older concrete driveway with new concrete one. They can tear out your old materials, and install replacements that last for years, and remain in great condition, with minimal maintenance. Unlike asphalt, which has a 2″ depth, concrete driveways have a 4″ installation depth. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and textures.

* PATIOS: Full-service concrete specialists can repair, replace, or create a ew patios for your home. They provide beautiful surfaces that offer long lifespans. Technicians are able to create these especially durable surfaces by using commercial mix concrete and fiber, as well as proper control joints and steel rebar.

* PROPERTY ENHANCEMENTS: You can consult with concrete professionals about concrete work on any area of your property, including steps, sidewalks, and garage floors. Affordable Driveways & Patios provides an online gallery, at AffordableDriveways.com, so you can view styles and options.

* FOUNDATIONS: Affordable Driveways & Patios staff are foundation experts. They can ensure that a new home is built on a foundation that includes a code-compliant vapor barrier, compacted gravel, rebar reinforcement and a smooth trowel finish.

* PLAYGROUNDS: When you want to add a playground area to your property, concrete experts can help. They specialize in providing poured-in-place rubber floors. The material protects children, drains quickly, is sanitary, and comes with a long warranty.

Full-service concrete specialists can provide a range of home improvement services that include the repair, maintenance, and installation of driveways, patios, and foundations. They also offer a range of concrete home improvement services, and can install child-friendly playground surfaces.

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