You Might Face a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD If Your Dog Isn’t Trained

Jun 11, 19 You Might Face a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD If Your Dog Isn’t Trained

When a person buys a puppy, they usually aren’t thinking about facing a dog bite injury attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD. Why would they? Puppies aren’t known for attacking people, but they can cause severe injuries. New dog owners have to remember that proper dog training starts when a dog is young and still a puppy.

Factor in the Cost

Anyone who wants a puppy should figure in the costs of getting their dog professionally trained. Sure, a dog owner can try to train their animal themselves, but they shouldn’t expect great results. Training a dog isn’t easy, and inexperienced people tend to make mistakes. Basic dog training can cost several hundred dollars. More extensive training can cost over $1,000.

Even Trained Dogs Attack

Dog owners have to take other precautions besides getting their dog trained. A trained dog can still respond if it is provoked. Even if the animal is provoked and antagonized, the owner might still face a lawsuit after the dog reacts. That means that dog owners will have to watch their animal whenever other people are around. Anyone who has been attacked by a dog can contact us.

Investing in a Fence

To avoid a dog bite injury attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD, dog owners should buy a quality fence that their animal can’t bypass. If a dog is large, the owner has to make sure the animal can’t jump over the fence. They also have to check the fence from time to time to make sure their dog isn’t building a tunnel underneath it. Getting a privacy fence will prevent the dog from being visually antagonized by people passing by the home.

Using a Leash

A dog owner should never take their pet for a walk unleashed. Even if the dog is trained to respond to commands and doesn’t show any signs of aggression, a leash still needs to be used. The dog’s first act of aggression could be a serious attack on someone.

Responsible dog owners know how to avoid dog attacks. They watch their dogs and the people who are around them. A dog owner has to be proactive when it comes to preventing attacks.

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