Stump Removal is Rarely a Simple Procedure

Jun 11, 19 Stump Removal is Rarely a Simple Procedure

Ocala, like many Florida towns and cities has long developed its tree canopy and encouraged homeowners and property developers to do the same. While this policy adds to the beauty and value of the various properties, it brings with it the requirement that land owners be attentive to the trees, to their trimming and when needed, their removal. Following removal of a tree, comes the removal of the stump.

If you decide that the stump is neither a hazard nor a blemish on your landscape, you may not need to worry about stump removal.

Unless the tree was so immature that the stump can be easily pulled or dug out, removal of a stump is a difficult and sometimes dangerous process.

In some cases, where the stump is well out of the way and cannot cause falls or take up space, the stump may be left to the forces of nature and so be removed. This method is not quick and sometimes leaves insect nests in later years. It can be accelerated by applying a dose of a high nitrogen substance to holes bored in the stump. Then over time, you may remove the edges of the stump as they rot away.

The stump may be chemically treated with potassium nitrate or kerosene. The process requires boring holes in the surface of the stump, filling these with the chemicals and then waiting a short amount of time until the stump is spongy and can be easily broken into pieces with an ax.

The typical equipment needed for a Stump Removal in Oahu HI includes a chain saw, a pick or mattock, a shovel and some source of water under pressure. Other kinds of equipment may also be required, as the stump must be broken carefully into pieces that may be easily carted away. Rocks are to be avoided and this is why the water is used to wash each layer so that rocks and other materials are revealed and easily moved. In some cases you’d best have access to a strong chain and a four-wheel drive vehicle, as you may need great force to pull the stump free.

If you can afford it, you can rent a stump grinder and go after the stump with it and your chain saw and other equipment you may need.

If doing it yourself is your method of choice and you have all the necessary equipment and the skills to use it, you might remove the stump by any of the above methods. But in most cases, it will be quicker and more economical to contact a professional stump removal service.

These companies are not only skilled at stump removal, they make sure there is no hole to fill at the end and they dispose of the stump properly. Some Florida cities have specific rules about stump disposal and when the stump is large, the do it yourselfer might find disposing of the stump as big a challenge as removing it.

Stump Removal requires special procedures and sometimes, special equipment. Consider your options carefully as you have a tree removed with a stump to follow.

If you decide that the stump is neither a hazard nor a blemish on your landscape, you may not need to worry about stump removal.

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