Reasons to Hire a Dump Truck in San Marcos, TX Instead of Renting

Construction firms, landscaping companies, and renovation contractors all have one thing in common. When their projects are completed, they have to deal with a good deal of debris. Debris like stone, fill dirt, and concrete can be hauled to a dump site for easy disposal, but it’s still the contractor’s job to arrange for getting it there.

There are two obvious options for getting it there safely and efficiently, and both of them involve dump trucks. This article is intended to help contractors decide whether they should rent a truck or hire a dump truck in San Marcos, TX for debris removal.

Safe Transportation

Companies that hire out dump trucks also provide a licensed and certified driver. This ensures the safety of the vehicle, its driver, its contents, and others on the road. Contractors who rent their dump trucks don’t usually have the same level of experience with driving large vehicles, so they’re much more likely to wind up running into trouble.

Cost Efficiency

Contracting a dump truck in San Marcos, TX through a dedicated company is usually fairly affordable, and most companies charge by the hour. When renting a dump truck, most customers must pay by the day or by the week even if this heavy equipment is only required for a few hours. They often require deposits as well, which can also be quite expensive.

Improved Work Site Productivity

If contractors choose to rent a dump truck, they’ll have to devote a good deal of time to make arrangements to pick it up and drop it off and transport their debris themselves. Most construction and landscaping crews have better things to be doing with their time than loading debris and hauling it around. Some hauling services even offer removal, meaning that the service itself is responsible for loading up the debris.

Learn More Today

Interested in finding a dump site that offers debris removal and drop-off services? Loftin Material has a fleet of dump trucks capable of hauling everything from dirt to concrete and offers a wide variety of sand, crushed stone, mulch, and other landscaping materials to contractors and consumers alike. Check out their website to learn more about their services.

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