3 Reasons Artificial Hanging Vines Are the Best Choice

Jul 12, 19 3 Reasons Artificial Hanging Vines Are the Best Choice

If you are considering hanging vines for your space, you should be considering artificial hanging vines. There is no better way to add life to a space than to add some greenery. Greenery in the form of hanging vines can make a space come to life. Of course, live plants require a lot of attention and there is no guarantee that they will survive.

3 Reasons Going Artificial Is Better

There are many good reasons you should be using artificial hanging vines instead of live ones including:

  • Lower costs
  • Less work
  • More placement options

Lower Costs

Live plants can be expensive, and of course, there is always the risk that live plants will die off and you will have to reinvest again. With artificial plants it is a one and done investment. You buy the plants one time you hang them where you want and that is that. It is a cost-effective way to decorate with plants.

Less Work

Whether you have a green thumb or not, it takes work to manage live plants. In addition to the attention that you must give them, you also must consider how difficult or easy it will be to reach the plants and whether caring for them will affect the space that they are hanging in.

More Options

Plants need good soil, water and the right level of UV exposure which of course can greatly limit where you can install your hanging vines. With artificial options, all those needs are taken off the table, so you can install them anywhere you choose. Evergreen Walls has great artificial options that look real but that do not require the “real” time investment. You can decorate freely with products from Evergreen Walls and do it worry free.

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