4 Splendid Accessories for Kitchen Cabinets in Tucson

by | Jul 4, 2014 | Home Improvement

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A couple of decades ago, having an electric can opener or microwave under wall cabinets was considered high-tech. Today, you can attach your TV, tablet and other cool devices to your kitchen cabinets in Tucson without sacrificing much in terms of space and maneuverability.

If you are curious about modern kitchen cabinet additions available on the market, check out the list below for four of the most useful gadgets that will work well in your kitchen.

LED Lighting

Low profile LED (Light Emitting Diodes) lights upfront cost is a bit higher than that of conventional bulbs. However, the return on investment is in the form of better quality light, long lasting bulbs, best of all, and lower power bills.

LEDs are available in different ranges of light from crisp and cool to soft and warm, and are available in various designs like ropes, panels, packs, cans and tape. LEDs are great for accent lighting, down lighting, and up lighting. The lights are also small and easy to hide providing maximum light to your kitchen’s work area.

Hidden Plugs and Outlets

You have worked so hard to select and have the perfect backsplash tile installed. One way to avoid marring the beauty of your tiles is by installing an under cabinet outlet strip that offers you multiple plugs where you need them.

A Tablet Mount

If you are a foodie and a hard-core fan of tablets, you can now have the things you love right in your kitchen. Thanks to the tablet mount, you can check your email, refer to a recipe, watch a cooking video and call your mum for a recipe, all without interrupting food preparation in the kitchen. The under-cabinet tablet mount will keep your device powered and running away from the counter-top mess.

The Stemware Rack

If you are worried about kitchen storage space, you will need to make use of what is available wisely. Under cabinet stemware racks, offer you a functional space where you can store several glasses in a small space. However, it is important to note that this cabinet add-on is best used if your kitchen is well aerated and you require frequent use of the glasses.

At , you will find these and other types of accessories for kitchen cabinets in Tucson.

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