A Bone Doctor in Pensacola FL Provide the Services You Need to keep Moving

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Health

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An orthopedic physician, or Bone Doctor, is essential to the healthy functioning of your bones and joints whether you are an athlete, fitness junkie, or just want to keep using the stairs or chasing your kids or grand-kids without knee pain. A professional bone doctor in Pensacola FL does not only help you with your knees; these doctors work with all the bones and joints in your body. They can also perform cartilage implants, different types of therapy, and pain management.

The first therapy that may come to mind when thinking of orthopedic physicians is probably physical therapy, the therapy that helps your body regain its physical abilities. There are a few types of physical therapy: post-operative, sports rehab and personal injury rehab. In addition to physical therapy a Bone Doctor in Pensacola FL can also offer occupational therapy. This is the therapy that can help ensure you are able to perform the skills needed for daily living and working.

Many orthopedic clinics also offer pain management services, such as spinal injections, to manage back or neck pain. Spinal decompression is another service that can help minimize back pain. In addition to spinal injections and decompression bone doctors can perform nerve connection studies. These studies can help isolate the nerves and ensure they are functioning properly. Radio Frequency Ablation is another option for pain management and is where an electrical current heats up a small part of nerve tissue and decreases the pain signals from that area.

You might wonder what types of equipment an orthopedic clinic would need. Diagnositc X-rays are an obvious necessity. X-rays can be digital and stored to a file in order to be quickly delivered; this is important because in some cases follow-up or urgent care might be needed at a different clinic and the digital file can be transferred to the partner clinics faster. To view the muscles and tendons there is musculoskeltal ultrasound. Both the x-rays and the ultrasounds are minimally invasive as are the injections. If there is a time where a brace, cast or splint is needed, most bone clinics have the capability to provide you with one. Many orthopedic clinics also have on site pharmacies.

A bone doctor can provide many services to keep your bones and joints operating smoothly, such as therapy and pain management.

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