Breaking Down the Main Sources of Air Pollution Around the World

Oct 25, 21 Breaking Down the Main Sources of Air Pollution Around the World

In most cities, air pollution is a major problem. If you like to travel on a regular basis, use this air pollution guide and fight the threat.

Particulate Matter

Particulate matter is mainly a man-made problem. It roots from the following:

  • Petrol and diesel engines
  • Dust from paved surfaces
  • Tire friction
  • Brake friction
  • Industrial machinery

Some particulate matter also comes from nature. Here are a few sources:

  • Soil
  • Pollen
  • Volcanoes
  • Sea spray

Nitrogen Dioxide

Nitrogen dioxide populates urban areas. It comes from automobiles and power plants. This gas can create a lot of pollution when traffic is congested.


Ozone is another gas that pollutes the air. When it forms above the Earth’s atmosphere, it absorbs radiation.

This gas creates pollution when it interacts with organic compounds from power plants and automobiles. Ozone levels will often rise in the summer, and they will drop during the winter.

Sulfur Dioxide

Sulfur dioxide is an invisible gas. It forms in the air when businesses burn oil and coal during manufacturing runs. Unlike other gases, sulfur dioxide can travel far, and it can increase ozone formations.

Thanks to new technological advancements, there are now fantastic ways to manage air pollution. For example, catalytic air pollution control can eliminate contaminants in a manufacturing environment. If this sounds interesting, turn to Air Clear, LLC. This company has an excellent catalytic air pollution control program, and the equipment is very easy to integrate in a factory. To learn more the program, visit

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