Caring Service in the Industry of Occupational Health in Cincinnati, OH

by | Jan 20, 2014 | Health Care

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Though the term “Occupational Health” is quite a mouthful, its meaning is simple: it refers to a concern for and protection of those who are employed or are in the workforce. Typically, this area implements programs to make all work environments safer and healthier. For example, occupational health plays a role when construction workers must wear protective gear and clothing to reduce injuries. This area also protects co-workers, family members, and customers who may be affected by the specific work environment. Workplace hazards can be from mechanical objects, slips and falls, electricity, vibrating machinery, biological hazards, or chemical hazards.

When one has an accident that falls inside the term “Occupational Hazard” in Cincinnati, OH, is the best option if one is in the city or the surrounding area. There are plenty of emergency services provided for this type of care at select locations, one of which is Eastside Urgent Care. This facility is open 7 days per week and has seen over 75,000 patients in the Cincinnati area alone. Because it is specifically for the industry of Occupational Health Cincinnati OH, the wait times are much shorter on average than a typical emergency facility. It accepts all major insurance plans, has lab services, an electrocardiogram (EKG) machine on-site, and wound repair, to name just a few services. Lab services can include anything from drug screening to blood tests. The EKG measures the heart’s electrical activity to look for symptoms related to some heart troubles like myocardial infarctions, pulmonary embolisms, or seizures. Wound repair means the facility is capable of stitching minor wounds, lacerations, and implementing repairs.

Along with the services above, this place can care for patients with minor fractures, can implement school physicals and sports physicals, and can relieve minor discomforts like sore throats, earaches, the flu, or asthma attacks. Unlike major hospitals and physician’s offices, there are designated procedure rooms for stitching lacerations, putting bone splits on fractures, and performing quick laboratory tests. This care establishment may have a more narrow scope of possibilities as related to a larger emergency care facility; however, it is only used for those with occupational injuries which greatly eliminates most of the potential patients.

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