Custom T Shirts: Cheap Options for Groups

If you’ve got a big event coming up that requires custom t shirts, cheap options are a must. Most event budgets don’t allot for a lot of wiggle room, so it’s important to do some research to find what the most cost efficient approach will be. Designing your own custom shirts isn’t nearly the process it used to be just a few years ago, and you can now explore convenient online options that will get the job done in just a few clicks. This short article will detail some of the things you can look for to ensure an inexpensive and efficient approach to this process.

Bulk Discounts
Not all printers do this, but it can be essential if you want to order custom t shirts cheap. Do some shopping around and look for sites that offer bulk order discounts. This typically applies if you’re going to be ordering upwards of 50 shirts, and sometimes you can enjoy a substantial chunk off of your order total. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a higher percentage off with the more shirts you order, so ensure that you have a total headcount before finalizing your order.

Shirt Styles
If you’re looking to keep your custom t shirts cheap, you can also check out the different garment options provided. Sometimes swapping out for a different brand name or color will get you some savings on your total. If you’re not restricted to a certain color or style of shirt, this can be a great place to make adjustments in order to stay budget friendly. And best of all – it generally won’t have any effect on the shirt’s design.

Minimize Colors
If your design is relatively simple, you won’t have to absorb an increased fee for extra print colors. However, if you’re looking to bring your total cost down, consider how many different colors your design utilizes. By making the entire print one color or reducing the variety, you will definitely see some savings. Be sure to check out what features your printer charges extra for and you’re sure to end up with the best deal possible.

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