Getting your child ready for a visit to the dentist

There seems to be some dispute as to when children should first see a dentist, one school of thought is that the child should be exposed to dental care when the first tooth erupts; others think three years of age is a good age. Whatever the case may be a child should be taken to the best pediatric dentist on Long Island while they still have their baby teeth.

Many parents are under the mistaken impression that baby teeth are not important because they are all going to fall out anyway. Certainly they are going to fall out but they are genuinely important for the development of speech patterns and the positioning of the second teeth. Gong to a pediatric dentist early on in the child’s life can make a considerable difference in their dental future. The child will have routine dental exams and be exposed to good dental habits, especially when it comes to dental hygiene.

If the first visit to the dentist is going to take place at an age where the child is aware, it is a good idea to prepare him or her in advance. Little ones for some reason can develop a fear of the dentist even though they have no idea what a dentist is or what a dentist does. There are a number of things that you, as a parent, can do to make the first visit a pleasant one.

First and perhaps foremost you should decide to take your child to the best pediatric dentist on Long Island rather than your traditional family dentist. You may ask why because you know that any practicing dentist can attend to the dental needs of anyone; child, teen, adult or senior. The reason is quite straight forward; they have had extra training in how to deal with the dental needs of growing children, they know what to look for in a growing mouth and jaw and they are very tuned in to making the visit an enjoyable one.

When a child is taken to a pediatric dentist they will not be faced with intimidating dental treatment rooms and trays of what appear to be big shiny things that are going to go in the kid’s mouth. Instead they will find an environment which is cheerful, with plenty of games and when they go in for treatment the dentist will have a favorite cartoon playing on a monitor. They will keep the child relaxed, this first visit will go a long way to determining the attitude to lifelong dental care.

It is important that you take your child to the best pediatric dentist on Long Island, that dentist can be found at Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County.

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